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We are happy to introduce to all of you Blue Petersen. He is a Heavyweight fighter with Team Midwest International and sat down with us today to talk about his career to this point and what he has in store for the future.

Matt Eldridge: Thanks for joining us here at KnockOut Lounge Blue. Give us a quick rundown of your career so far.

Blue Petersen: Well I lost my first two fights due to conditioning, I didn’t train just thought I was tough ya know, that was so not the case..I hooked up with a team and began training because  I wasn’t going to lose like that again. I’ve won my last 10 in a row via KO’s, TKO’s and submissions. I hold one belt as of now in Iowa and this Saturday I fight for another in Missouri and August 13th I will fight for one in South Dakota.

ME: Great! So what’s the biggest strengths and weaknesses in your game?

BP: Biggest strength? Probably discipline, power and jiu jitsu. My weakness is that I drop my left hand alot.

ME: What are you and your team working on right now to make you a better fighter

BP: Conditioning and boxing.

ME: What was the toughest loss of your career? Why?

BP: Probably my first loss. I didn’t know what to expect and fought hard,  but just wasnt ready and had probably 40 people there to watch and  didn’t get my hand raised.

ME: On the flip side, what’s your biggest win? Why?

BP: On July 9th I fought Dusty Chandler. He was 7-1 and fights with American Pit Fighters. He has a belt in Illinois and we fought for the number 1 contender for Tru Revelation and I came out on top in the first round via rear naked choke. It was a good fight. I stayed calm and waited for the right time to take advantage of his mistake.

ME: That’s awesome! Now who is your favorite fighter? Who do you like to mold your game after?

BP: Matt Hughes was my favorite because we both had extensive wrestling in our background. But these days it’s Chris Leben..he’s got huge heart and amazing power in his hands.

ME: So what made you want to be in MMA?

BP: Well wrestling was always my favorite sport and I’m not gonna lie… I always  liked to fight. Liked the respect it got me so I got in many fights growing up but I grew tired of the trouble I got into. I was seeking something postive and wanted to be a role model to kids like me and MMA was it It has been good to me and taught me alot in life itself.

ME: It’s always great to hear that this is more than a sport to some!

BP: Yes sir, it kept me on the right path and now the kids in my town look up to me for coming where I came from and making something of myself.  If I can do it they can to.

ME: Blue I have to ask this…my partner, Craig Nelson, has kind of made it a tradition and I would feel something is amiss if I don’t. Who is your favorite superhero and why?

BP: Favorite superhero? It’s kinda funny but…. Wolverine. He’s got no special weapons, no real powers, but he was a beast. He went in and handled business real cool and collected. Ya know i like that.

ME: Wolverine seems to be a popular answer around KnockOut Lounge! So who would you like to give a shout out to?

BP: First and foremost my team, Midwest Warrior International. My trainers Chris Madsen and Dave Seaton. My manager Kelly Reilly of Pinnacle MMA Mangement. MMA Blogspot. Knockout, and Rick Talser the promoter for Brutal Genesis. Rick runs the promotion who I hold my belt for and he puts on amazing shows everytime out.

ME: Give us a quick rundown of your fight this weekend. When? Where? etc.

BP: It’s in Sullivan, MO for Cage Championships this Saturday, July 23rd. I will be fighting Chris Paris for their heavyweight belt and a spot on Team USA.

ME: Sounds great! Well Blue we appreciate your time and wish you luck this weekend!

BP: Thank you much and I appreciate the interview! Take care and God bless.


Special thanks to Kelly Reilly at Pinnacle MMA Management. Image courtesy of Blue Petersen.

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