After Okami….What’s next for Anderson Silva?

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He has done everything. He has beaten everyone put in front of him. He has dominated two weight classes. He has revolutionized Mixed Martial Arts. Now the only thing to ask is, What will “The Spider” do if he beats Yushin Okami?

One thing we know for sure is that there is no clear cut contender waiting in the wings for Silva after his next fight. I know some will say that the Middleweight division will have a contender emerge between now and August, but I’m not sure it won’t be someone that Silva has already dismantled. Do we really want Silva/Maia 2? Or Silva/Belfort 2? Or even Silva/Bisping? The majority of fans would emphatically say no, and I am in that majority.

No matter what fighter may emerge in the division, it would be in Anderson Silva’s best interests to look past that contender and on to other options. There are 3 options I think Silva should look at:

1. Move up to LHW permanantly
2. Take part in the GSP superfight
3. Retire

These are the only 3 things that would make sense for him to do if he is victorious at UFC 134. No middleweight is going to challenge for his belt and he has done everything he can at 185. Obviously we would all like to see GSP/Silva, but it seems that something has always held up that fight from coming to fruition. Moving up to LHW would present a broader set of challenges and some exciting match-ups. Imagine JBJ/Silva, Silva/Rua, Silva/Rampage, etc. The move up in weight would extend his career by 2-3 more years and give us some legendary fights.

If Anderson decides against these 2 options, then the only alternative is retirement. Step away from the fight game on top. Go down as the only fighter to ever go undefeated in the Octagon. While his legacy has already been cemented, continuing to fight at 185 will only start to show a lack of competitive fire, and I don’t want to see a legend go down like that.

Anderson Silva is the best fighter MMA has ever seen and will hold that distinction for at least the next decade. His highlight reel is the stuff of legend, and his record in the UFC is unmatched. I always say that I don’t want to see fighters continuing to compete past their time, but in Silva’s case, I don’t want to see him continue to compete in a weight class of mediocrity.

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