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What is KnockOutLounge Exactly?

Knockout Lounge is a concept that was cultivated back in 2010 and was intended to be a 'stage' for the upcoming MMA stars. We do this for the passion of the sport, and it's different than most text sites, as it provides in depth interviews with fighters so they can show the man/woman behind the gloves, and not just a fighting 'instrument'.

We do this to help; so feel free to contact us in your rise to your MMA dreams. We will continue to grow with lots of love and support. As stated before, this is not your average 'news ' site, nor media site. We are not here to gross profit or exploit fighters for publicity. We are here to support fighters on their journey, and we are here to support them throughout their careers. Let's do it for the sport!

Since it's inception in 2010, KnockoutLounge.com has been determined to provide support for up and coming MMA fighters and combat sports practitioners. Through trial and error, we have built a base of fans, friends, and supporters. Through these trials, we have had plenty of changes; some good, some bad. We continue to learn, grow, and expand our presence as the #1 network for up and coming fighters getting their voices heard and their names out. We have helped fighters find sponsorships based on their stories and struggles, we have provided gear to those in need, and we have changed the lives of many who have been struggling to build their own fan-base. We have done this all as a HOBBY; as fans of the sport with a desire to help others succeed. As we succeed, so do the fighters, promotions, gyms, and members of the community.


-KnockoutLounge Team

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