Is The Ultimate Fighter still necessary?

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Is it a reality show out to get ratings or is it a televised tryout to be in the biggest fighting organization in the world? That is what I have been asking myself the last couple of seasons of what used to be my favorite show on television. I have come to the conclusion that no matter what the reason the UFC has decided to continue running the show, it is no longer necessary.

If the purpose is to get ratings then maybe I can understand. The show is still pulling decent ratings and is one of the more popular shows on Spike. But the real reason that it’s time to pull the plug is that it’s no longer entertaining to me. Think back to season 1, it was fresh, it was the first real behind-the-scenes look we had of the UFC at that time, and the fighters had some entertainment value.

Obviously the show is no longer needed to get amateur fighters to notice that the UFC was the biggest MMA show in town. Every up and coming fighters’ ultimate dream is to step in the Octagon. Also the organization is now big enough that they are able to scout and sign prospects without the benefit of a tv show.

The first 10 seasons of TUF were great. Entertaining personalities, interesting coach fights, and of course great fighters made it an MMA fans’ must see. Now without a major re-tooling of its setup I don’t see how it will survive many more seasons.

Is TUF still entertaining and relevant in today’s UFC?

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